Friday, July 20, 2012

Camera Cozy and a Dress for Tiny Felicity

Some of you might remember my first post called A Window Into the Past... which described using vintage fabric as a sort of portal (not literally) into a specific time when the fabric was made.  I have recently been messing around with this fabric once more.  

About a week ago, I decided that my camera needed a new case.  The old one was also handmade, but it was very much, shall we say, a prototype.  Not very well done at all.

I decided that, like the previous case, this new-and-improved one should also be quilted.
I quilted it much more tightly  so that it would look right.

The new case was also meant to show off my knitting skills.

I knitted a simple stockinette stitch sleeve and used a knitting spool to craft the wristband.

The quilted section I put on the inside with the knitted sleeve covering it.
The two layers are connected at the wristband and button only.  The rest is left open.  They fit so snugly together that I did not need to sew them into one piece completely.

A picture to show the inside.  The case (amazingly!) fits like a glove on the camera. :)

The second project I completed this week was a dress for my first sister's doll, Felicity.  I should mention that her Felicity doll is a mini one.
It was like sewing a dress for Thumbelina. ;)

First Sister was ecstatic with the results.  Doesn't Felicity look cute?

And yes, this is the second post this week with dolls in it.  Hey, I'm a girl.  I'm allowed.  ;)

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