Friday, March 16, 2012

A Window Into The Past...

Sorry for the funky light; it was overcast outside. 
Happy Friday, everybody!
I have been busy cutting out some old fabric that I recently bought at a favorite vintage store.  I love old fabric.  For some reason, the cotton prints like this that I find often feel like a better quality than most fabrics in stores today.  The description on the bag of fabric that I got the other day said that some of the fabric was chicken feed sack.  You see, back in the Great Depression era it was common for families to own chickens, even right in the middle of town!  After a time, mothers began to use the sacks that the feed came in for fabric to use in making clothing for their children.
I get so excited whenever I find chicken feed sack fabric.  I quite literally have a piece of the past in my hands. Because pictures from that era are mostly in black and white, vintage material also gives a better idea of what colors were used in clothing and decor at that time.
The little squares that I am cutting out will become a quilt one of these days.  I'm thinking that I will mix these colorful squares with white ones in between to better showcase the different fabric.  What do you think?

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