Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the Third Day of Christmas...

Today I felted a bag.  I knitted a small bag out of wool yarn a few days ago.  I put the wool bag in the washer this morning and let it agitate in hot water for some time.  The original size was big enough at the opening to fit my head (yes, I tried it on :D).  It was about twelve inches tall and eight inches across.  Now, it's about seven by seven inches. 

The bag is very stiff.  It's weird to have knitted something that is now so stiff and sturdy. 

It can even stand up on its own!  :D

As you can see, the bag was very hairy and fuzzy.  It kind of reminded me of Sulley from Monsters Inc. 


To keep the locals from thinking that I was carrying a big blue behemoth, I decided that the bag needed a haircut.  ;)
This is the hairy mass left from the shearing. 

 I machine-stitched a leftover strap from a previous project

I also added a zipper. 

At this point, I decided that the bag needed some pizzazz,  '90s style.  Enter the pin craze!

This beauty came from a discovery on the sidewalk pavement one day up at campus.  I was walking along and suddenly I was like, "Is that the TARDIS?!"  It was awesome.  :D

This next one is an American Girl retired pin.  It's my homage to my passion for the theater. :) 

This one I got from American Life League about four years ago. 

The Peanuts are a personal favorite.  :)

I hope that none of the pins will fall off while I use the bag.  It happened to me once and now I'm afraid that I will lose one of them.  Especially the TARDIS one.  ;)

In other knitting news, I am working on a sock. 

I have a problem though.  That bit of yarn that you see?  Yeah, that's the end of the skein.  Already.  :/  Usually I can make one skein of Patons sock yarn last for one sock.  Oh well.  I'm not about to rip it out, so I'll probably buy another skein. 

I'm also working on some new legwarmers that will actually fit this time around.  They are going to be made from colorful leftover wooly yarns in a striped pattern.  I love striped patterns.  I know that they are quite simple, but something about them makes my lil' knitted heart go pitter-pat.  :D

God bless!

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