Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Summer So Far.

First, the weather.
That's usually a good conversation starter.
Here is a picture of the environment currently.

Bone.  Dry.
And not just dry, but also extremely hot.  We hope and pray that this will end soon.  It has to end soon.

My life has been pretty filled to the brim lately.  I'm almost as busy now as I am during the school year, minus homework.  I've been juggling five part-time jobs plus a fragment of a life.  ;)  It's been difficult, but it's not without its joys and rewards.  I gave a short speech at a bicentennial last Sunday in honor of my hometown's founder.  Besides speaking in front of 120 people (gulp!) it was actually rather fun.  I got to dress up and act as our founder's wife!   Secretly (not so much anymore I guess) I've always wanted to act, but I'm not usually one to stand up in front of people and talk.  I'm not going to lie; it was very nerve-racking.  My hands were shaking and I didn't speak quite as loudly as I could have.  But that's okay. The whole commemoration went on very well, which is the important thing.

In between house cleaning, research, babysitting, and docenting (is that a word?) I've been attempting to do some fun things as well.  I received a bunch of leftover yarn from a friend of mine which I have organized into two three-drawer containers.  My yarn storage is much more appealing than it was!  I can't wait to knit up all the ideas that I have in my head right now, especially one in particular. But that will have to wait. :)

For now, I have this to show you.  

Tissue-paper covered jars. Oh. Yeah.
The girl I babysit is eight years old so we've been doing different craft projects.  Some of you might remember "Molly's Craft Book" from American Girl.  We had a blast with with the tissue-paper covered jars.  It's practically free, since all you need are leftover jars, colored tissue paper, and glue.
I found out the other day that the big jar I have is perfect for holding the small yarn balls I have recently been knitting with.  It won't tip over, the yarn stays nice and clean, plus I don't have to constantly unwind the ball of yarn.  A simple tool, but sometimes those are the best. 

Until next time my friends. :)

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