Friday, May 11, 2012

A Lesson And A Challenge

     Sometimes we do not realize just how much we affect others around us.  We are like violets in a forest, bowing our heads to avoid being seen.  However, everything we do and say makes an impression on people.  We often think to ourselves that we do not matter much and that no one will pay any attention to us.  We want to hide.  I'm not talking about false modesty per se; what I am talking about is more like the unawareness of the power we have within ourselves.  We do not understand our true worth and what our capabilities are.  We have the ability to make or break friendships.  We have the ability to reassure strangers with a smile and a kind word.  Any small thing that we do has the potential to be something great. We must realize this power, and understand that we are called to use it.  We cannot hide in the shadows any longer; we must become great people.

     We have often heard it said that we should be Christ to other people, but do we really understand what that means?  It means a complete change of person and character. No matter if we are having a bad day, have loads of homework, or just going about our lives, we are challenged by God to show His love in everything that we do.  This is a very daunting task: one that must never be taken lightly.  It is also very humbling, because by showing God's love to others, we realize that we are not perfect.  We see that we do not have all the answers.  We must become Someone Else in order to bring about any good in this world and make our lives worthwhile.  Thirdly, it is a great lesson in trust, because we have given everything we will do in the future to God and His Kingdom.  Only good can come out of this imitation of God.

     So I urge you to think about how you show God's love.  Do you hide it in the infamous bushel basket?  Do you shy away when an good opportunity arises?  Will you show kindness to others, or look the other way when someone is hurting?

                                              What kind of impression will YOU make?

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