Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 1950s Day Dress Itself

 Here are some photos that my awesome brother took of me wearing my new favorite dress.  

 I've been wanting to make a dress like this for some time now.  I love it! It makes me feel feminine and pretty. 

 This is a bridge in a park.  It hasn't rained hardly at all this spring, so the creek is quite dry. ;)

 I am not being camera shy in this picture.  In fact, the very reason I wore my big hat is to hide my secret identity.  I am a college student by day and a spy by night, you see. ;) 

 I had to test the "jumpability" of the dress as well.  Another reason I like sewing my own dresses: I can make sure the skirts are long enough. 
 It was a fun photo shoot!  The day was beautiful and I'm so grateful that my brother took time on his birthday to take pictures of me. 
Have a great Memorial Day!

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