Saturday, March 17, 2012

Encoded Scarves are the Best

Today I went to the local craft store to buy some white wool for my Doctor Who companion scarf.  You see, earlier this month I finished my version of the Fourth Doctor's scarf for a friend of mine.  Here is a link to the picture of the original:  Please pay no mind to the strange look the Doctor has on his face. ;)
For some reason, the plum colored yarn appears indigo. Gr.
I couldn't find three of the seven colors I needed at the store, but I made it anyway.  The scarf ended up being over eight feet long.  Now I have leftover yarn, the best part of any project!  I decided to make my own mini version of the scarf by using these leftover bits.  But this is no ordinary scarf!
I have discovered in some knitting books that it is possible to knit dates and messages into scarves.
Let me explain.  The code itself is a relatively simple one.  I made 1 stand for A, 2 stand for B, 3 stand for C, and so on. In the scarf, the garter stitch pattern that I use forms ridges or rows.  The number of ridges per stripe stands for a letter. If you count the number of the first purple stripe-4 ridges-that means that the first letter is D.  The second stripe has 15 ridges, so the second letter is O.  The white stripe is only 3 ridges wide.  Does this make sense?  Eventually the scarf will read, "Doctor Whos (no apostrophe) Companion." :)
Pretty cool, eh?

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